Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've had writer's block!

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything and I'm feeling the need to write...but I've been a little "blocked"....child care and travel (not the pleasure kind) have dominated my life since July.  I'm helping my daughter with her children (Grace 5 and Asher almost 3) as she completes a 5 month-long school course.  The challenge has been that I live in Louisiana and they are in the Nashville, TN area! 

So....I'm traveling with them back and forth between homes each month.....not too bad considering it's a 10 hour long drive with 2 kids.  They have really been troopers and it's a good thing I don't mind road trips!

Also, what makes the stay with them at their home not too bad is that it's located in the hills of Brentwood, TN....lovely area....with great people!  I'm loving the opportunity to live and work (what little time I have to spend sharing my Mary Kay) in such a beautiful place.  Another's the beginning of Fall  and the leaves are changing and the weather is definitely cooler and less humid than southwest Louisiana!

Hopefully, I'll have some pictures for my next post....another daughter and her family are coming up to Brentwood in October to see the we will be getting out and exploring more....can't wait.

Till then....


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  1. All right, Mel -- you should be seeing some gorgeous fall colors up your way now! I hope you're sharing photos soon!! :)