Friday, February 18, 2011

Perplexed - don't read if you are PC and are offended by religious talk

Like most people I have watched the events that have unfolded in the past month on the news.  Namely the Egypt Revolution as well as our country's budget crises.  Even if you are not a news junkie you would have to completely have your head in the sand not to have heard or seen what is taking place in the Middle East.
However, on the budget crises....that's another story.  You may be bored to tears by the discussions the news channels are having with the elected officials in Washington.

Let me share some feelings I have on the coverage of the Middle East events.  No matter what news program is matter what radio talk show is being broadcast....the discussions are about the uprisings in the Middle East and what is driving them.  Religion is discussed.  Yes, even on Meet the Press, CNN and MSNBC....they are discussing religion.  Don't you find that ironic that in our country where God has been banned from everything we are forced to talk about "that" religion.    In fact, the very people in our country who proclaim separation of Church and State....who ridicule those of us who are God fearing...they are the ones who are defending this other religion....they are the ones who want to protect their religious freedoms.  Wow....what a convoluted society we are living in.  Now that prayer is out of the schools and the 10 Commandments are not to be revered in the halls of public where our children and grandchildren have been stripped of any "religious freedom" in the market place....we are subjected to another religion and their freedoms and customs are protected. 

I had a thought last night.....maybe God is using these events to bring us back to talking about Him. 

On the budget crises...and the demonstrations in states where the Governors or trying to balance their budgets....don't look at this at face value.  There are people and organizations behind the protests....there is no way that thousands of teachers called in sick in one day independently.  This had been organized for weeks and months.  There are those who want chaos in the streets.    Isn't it ironic that the very thing that the Tea Party protests were falsely accused of is the very thing that was going on in Madison Wisconsin yesterday.  Signs depicting their Governor as a ruthless dictator.  Wow....only because he wants to attempt to protect their jobs, their health insurance coverage....and ultimately their salaries.  If our elected officials do not make drastic cuts in the state and federal budgets we will cease to have a country with jobs etc.  50% of my husband's retirement income is taken for health insurance.  Gov. Walker in Wisconsin is only asking for state workers to pay 12% towards their coverage... I would gladly take 12%!  My husband retired on 30% of his salary.  State and federal workers look forward to a retirement of almost 100%.  Wow.  Can this be sustained?  They cannot be fired....and when they retire they will receive 100% of their salary and free health insurance for the rest of their life on a Cadillac plan I must say!

There is an end to the gravy train.  God bless the officials who are standing up and following through on their promise to "balance the budget"! 

Haven't we heard this at the federal level.....over and over...only to have a budget presented this week from our President which was bloated beyond comprehension.  We don't need more money for ANY federal program.  What is needed is for the corruption and the waste to be stopped.  What we need is for the ones responsible for such waste and corruption to be FIRED! 

Our governments (federal and state) are so bloated and top heavy.  We could do with 1/2 and still succeed.  Oh, and how about NOT sending any more foreign aide to our enemies?    Dictators and War Lords all over the world are billionaires with our tax-payer dollars while their people are living below poverty.

GREED....IDOLATRY....follow the Dollar!  Greed will turn a good person into an evil doer.  Power corrupts.  When we focus on anything else but God we fall in love with that which we focus on.  God was removed from our schools and market place many years ago and He was replaced with greed, idol worship, and self- focus.  Our people demand "what's in it for me, me, me".  Our kids are selfish and demanding.  Look at what has happened in our schools, cities, towns.  Crime, murder, theft.  Bullying....shall I go on?

Now you may be thinking..."we don't have idol worship".  No, we may not whorship a statue...a likened imagine of a person place or thing.   However, do your kids live for TV, XBox, food, stuff?  Anything that is adored, or put first in our lives is an idol.  I know that sounds extreme....I thought so too until I started studying  what God says about greed and idols in the Bible.

We need to turn back to God.  We need for our officials to define who are the TRUE enemies of our country.  Not Sarah Palin, not Newt, not the Tea Party people.....the TRUE enemies.  Those from within and without. 
Those who want to kill us....destroy our country and it's people.  Call it like it is.  Get rid of PC.  We have enemies within our own borders plotting our demise.  What are we afraid of?  Enforce our laws.  We can only survive with the "rule of law".  Our founding fathers wrote the Constitution to be followed for our own protection and freedoms.  Which by the way....our right to freedom is from God....not the government.

If you read II Chronicles 7:12-22 you will see God's promise and warning to a His people.  We must take heed and believe this for us today!