Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cut Cut Cut!

I need to rant, I guess.  I'm sick and tired of hearing all of this debate on cutting security....entitlements as the media calls it.  Oh, if the Republicans mention cutting medicare (10 years in the future) then the Democrats scream "you want to kill grandma".  How disingenuous!  The Democrats are the ones who voted for the "Obama Health Care Bill" (now known by another name) where seniors WILL have their health care rationed....that's a death sentence if there ever was!

It's really not medicare that is the issue as far as I see.....surely it's not Social Security....why that is our own money coming back to us....well, it should have been.  The politicians in Washington have raped it for so many years that now it's teetering on the brink of bankruptcy!  Something I never hear about is MEDICAID....that's medicare for young people having babies with no insurance.  Don't get me wrong...I believe we should help those who are less fortunate or who found themselves between jobs with no insurance or in a job with no insurance.  However, baby after baby is being born to mothers who are on drugs and welfare (which probably pays for the drugs) with no other means of support and certainly no means of support from the baby's father....if in fact the father is even known!
One baby to a drug mom is acceptable.....but....the same girl goes back to have multiple babies....crack babies which NICU's all over our nation spend millions to save!  Yes, I care about those precious little babies who didn't ask to be born...however, the girl/woman coming in time after time to have these babies should be cut off from all government assistance.  How do I know about this.....I have a daughter who has worked in NICU's from California to Florida and especially in Louisiana!  It's an epidemic of misuse of our Medicaid system.  THAT'S WHAT NEEDS TO BE CUT!!!!

Now, my rant about SS benefits.......Seniors who have paid into the system for 20-30-40 years...deserve their little monthly checks.    However, BIG $$ are going out to recipients who have NEVER paid into the system.  This is NOT what SS was meant to be.  It's just another "welfare" system which is being used as a tool by the liberals....ohhhh....don't mess with SS....or you will be branded a callous, uncompasionate, "only worried about the rich",  mean-spirited conservative.

You know....all of these programs could be saved for everyone if the fraud is found and taken out!  Unfortunately, much of the fraud is perpetrated by the folks in the bureaucracies in Washington D.C.  Speaking of which....why do we need .so many people on the Government payroll.....Billions of $$ are spent on dead-head jobs with big benefit packages and even greater retirements...... those are entitlements that deserve some cuts!  Can anyone say Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Did you hear the news this week?

Let me not even get started on the Billions that are sent overseas.  Billions that funnel into the hands of people who hate us and use it to kill us or to nations whose officials take the money and pad their own bank accounts!  Let's do some cuts in this ridiculous habit we have of throwing our tax $$s to our enemies.  We really don't have alot of friends overseas and the ones we do have have been insulted in the last 18 months by our President.

So, there.....I feel least for the moment.  I got it off my chest and on to my keyboard. 



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  2. I was going to make a comment, but you have said it all! Ok I'll make a small comment. We all have days that we just want to get it off our chest. I did live in England and experience "National Health Care" up close and personal. The majority of folks here don't know what they (we) are in for. "It aint going to be pretty".