Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beautiful Day

It's 61 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

  Man I wish I could spend the whole day outside....however, I had work to do for my business this morning. that done and then went out for a mile walk...then Wayne and I had a punch list of things to be done in the "Pointe".   The glass in the Overhead cabinets had become loose and on our maiden voyage we even had a crack happen  
This overhead was empty except for a rack from the refrigerator which probably banged up to it in the ride.  Oh Oh!  So, upon checking Wayne found that all of the glass inserts were he took the time today to secure and glue all of the overhead glass inserts 
We also are thinking about taking our Boxer with us on our next trip.  Now Coco is 13 years old and has arthritis.  When we go into the RV for any work or packing...she stands at the door and cries for us to come out.  She doesn't seem to want me in the we thought we'd invite her to come in and "check it out". 

 We have a wonderful neighbor who takes care of our pets when we travel.  But for an extended trip...we just don't want to impose.  We have to find a house sitter or take Coco with in the rig she went.  Now...she cannot climb up the steps any we worked with her and tried but she just would not do it.  So here we go lifting 45 lbs. of stiff muscle....and long legs...into the "Pointe"!

She acted very nervous....went around the whole rig sniffing....made it upstairs without much effort....but she was as anxious to get out as she was about us being in there.  She went to the open door and jumped out landing on her face....I screamed....she twisted....didn't know if she would be able to walk....but jumped up apparently OK.  We cleaned her off, and lifted her back into the rig.    We tried to sit with her and make her comfortable, but she was not a "happy camper"!  Don't know if this is going to work....but we'd love to bring her with us.  She is old, but still has some spunk.    Maybe she is too old to teach her some new tricks  or another way of life!    We'll see!!

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