Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Out with the Old....In with the New!    That's a favorite saying of mine.  I cannot believe another year has flown by...can you?  Time used to drag....when we were younger.  Now....whew....the days, weeks, months and years are like a mouse on a wheel. 

I am looking forward to a new beginning.  So much I still want to accomplish, even though many people my age are looking at retirement or have already "retired".  What is retirement really??  Certainly not sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch watching the neighbors drive by.....or complaining about every ache and pain...or bugging your kids for a visit.  That was in the prior generation.  No, today things are different.  We want to be active and healthy and keeping up with what's new and happening.   We still need to make money...even in retirement...thanks to the downturn in the economy, inflation, and the diminished 40lK.

Wayne and I brought in the new year watching back- to- back funny movies on the big screen TV in our media room....well, really, we're not that rich...but we do have a rather large bedroom complete with not only bedroom furniture, but also a table & chairs, recliner, entertainment center and of course the HD TV.  It feels like a media room when we lower the lights and settle back to watch....I love it.  Don't get to do it very often but that's one of my choices for the new more movies that make me laugh and cry.
Now, as we were finishing up with the last movie the clock was nearing midnight....the weather has been rainy all the fireworks were few and far between.  What a let down....not one big boom for the stroke of midnight.....what??  Where are those people who would spend $$$$ on the beautiful and loud fireworks?  Maybe the rain and stormy weather got to them....or maybe it was  the 2010 economy.  In any event, we had a quiet ending to the old year.

My prayer is that January 2011 will usher in a stronger economy complete with more jobs, more home sales, more cash flow....etc.  Also, with God's guidance I want to remember and reflect on who and what is most important in my savor the moments and happiness and not take anything or anyone for granted.
This past year was marred by family tragedy and friends who lost loved ones.  Also some of us had health issues to deal with....I don't want to take health for granted anymore.  We need to preserve it....take care of yourself and those close to you.  I love to you all know by now....but I commit to cutting down on the butter (sorry Paula), the salt and cooking and eating more fiber, fruit and veggies. 

Life is so precious...we should relax, have fun in work and play, appreciate more, laugh more, cry more (and with those that are hurting)  and eat less..    Be vulnerable.  Be spontaneous.  I love the song "It's not the breath you take, the breathing in and out...but the moments that take your breath away"!

 I want more moments like that...or at least I want to be available for aware of them. I want to visit my kids and grandkids when they can't come to visit me...(buying the RV will help with that).  I want to visit family and friends that we rarely see....also spend some time with lonely people who no one visits.

It's now 1:30 AM Jan. 1... an hour and a half has already been taken from 2011....I thank all of those who read my blog.  It's amazing that anyone would be interested....but I know that I love to read about others and their's a new phenomenon....this blogosphere....I love's therapy for me.

When I'm feeling up, or down, or anxious...I can express through the keys and it makes me feel more at peace.

I wish for you and a wonderful, successful, happy New Year!

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  1. Melstar I have read your blog daily from the day the blog was started. Today I added myself as a follower. I enjoy reading your recipes so I tried the Dirty Rice recipe for New Years dinner, it was very very good. My family stated the recipe is a keeper, my son will prepare it for his Super Bowl party. Enjoy your blog and Happy New Year to you, read about your month long trip and very excited for you.