Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Time

It's awesome when the "forces" all come together! Alicia and John with the kids have arrived from California for 2 weeks. I picked up Jena, Gracie and Asher in Texas and brought them home to Louisiana, Natalie, Sergey and Hunter are close by and Wayne's family are driving in Saturday....all for several celebrations! A family wedding on Saturday (John's side of the family) and Wayne's 64th Birthday!! The Celebrations start Saturday and will continue on through Monday, October 11!

That's how our life has been going....every month seems like there is something to celebrate! How wonderful is that?? We have been blessed for sure and since we have acquired a new vacataion home on wheels, we'll be celebrating even more in various places!

Some couples purchase a lake home, or a "camp" as we call them in Louisiana, but we decided we wanted to be "mobile" in our vacation time.
As soon as I figure out how to post pictures on this blog, I'll be sharing. It's a 33' Paradise Pointe 5th wheel...complete with leather recliners and a king size bed (very important at our age!!)

Even though RV's are not "investments" we did get a very good price on this one. It's a 2006 and the depreciation hit has already been taken. Was not in our plans for a few more years...but this one was too perfect. Besides, as we thought about doing some travel, we realized that between now and the next 5 years was the best time for us to be able to be "on the road, while we are healthy and have energy!

I'm planning ways I can use our new 5er (that's RV talk for a fifth wheel RV) for my business since I have consultants in other states that I rarely if ever get to see.

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  1. I hope the instructions I posted on RV Dreams Forum helps you with picture posting.

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