Saturday, October 30, 2010

Election Time

Are you feeling like I'm feeling?  Yeah, Yeah, same old, same old.  I do want to get excited about "change".....about new leadership in our Congress.  I'm trying not to be cynical and just believe that when   they tell us that they are going  to go to Washington and reverse all of the destructive legislation that has been done, that they really are going to do it.  When they say they are  going to stop wasteful spending, stop "earmarks" and get rid of the deficit, is it campaign rhetoric, or the truth?    They tell us that they  are going to not compromise and legislate with a conservative "pay as you go" system.    However, when they get to Capital Hill....they must go through some "inside the Beltway" orientation and learn the phrase:  "with all due respect", or   "reach across party lines"....or "reach across the aisle".   This is not a time for compromise or for "playing nice".  No conservative who ever compromised with a liberal ever survived!

Yes, I am one of the conservative (notice I don't say Republican) women...fed up with those who run for office promising to legislate with conservative values and ideology.  Then, after they are sworn in, you cannot recognize them as being conservative.  I see the rundown each night on the news of those who may be winning on Nov. 2.  Oh, they look so promising...they are pledging to America to bring our Great Country back to  the the principals of our Founding Fathers.   Back to smaller, less intrusive government, securing our borders (don't even get me started on that topic!), and making sure our interests here and abroad are protected from those who would terrorize and kill us.   They promise to fund and support our Military and protect our homeland first and foremost.  How about promising to defund the organizations here and abroad who are corrupt, i.e., Acorn, foreign countries who harbor terrorists, the U..N., special interests groups here and overseas who are NO FRIEND TO THE U.S.A.    My uneducated guess would be that if we stopped funding pork barrel projects that have no effect on our well being, along with stupid giveaways to warlords in 3rd World countries, we'd have no problems here with funding legitimate needs of our country. 

Yes, I will vote on November 2.  It's my privilege and duty as an American.  However, I will be watching closely as those who take office will conduct themselves and how they represent me and those who put them in that place.  Contrary to what President Obama, Sen. Kerry, and numerous other elitist "insiders" think and say, we are informed, enlightened and watching every move very closely. 

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