Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13....two special Birthday's to Celebrate

Mondays....27 years ago when I worked a J.O.B. I hated Mondays. After a busy weekend of shopping, house stuff, family stuff, more shopping, cooking, getting caught up on sleep....Church activities.....etc. etc., then...the dreaded Monday...get everyone up..dressed, out the door with lunches or lunch money...carpool rush...then make to the office on time.
Whew...are you tired yet?

Fortunately, 27 years ago I joined a cosmetics company as a beauty consultant. My life was to become my own...more time for Church activities, family, shopping, house stuff, etc. etc. This brings me to today...SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 IS THE 47TH YEAR MARY KAY COSMETICS HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS! What a journey...and I'm still on it. Happy Anniversary Mary Kay Inc. and thanks for the opportunities to live my life with more excitement, fun, more friends, and experiencing places I would probably never have gone.

September 13 is also the birthday of a special brother-in-law, Warren Bergeron, Sr. He's married to my sister Marilyn. He turned 80 years young today...and I don't say that lightly. He's a young looking 80...they have had a great retirement life...beautiful home, wonderful kids and grandkids and great and they run an awesome "bed and breakfast"...well, not commercially but whenever I need to travel to the New Orleans area and need an overnight place to stay!

Sadness entered their family 2 weeks ago when their first-born son lost his 8-year battle with cancer...leaving a wife, children and grandchildren. He was an avid hunter, fishmerman and loved life...lived it to the fullest that he possibly could with that awful disease.
Warren Jr. was special to a lot of people...and that is a testament to his parents. They raised him "right" as the saying goes!

I honor not only my company today, but also Warren Sr. on his special day and my sister as they deal with the pain of the loss. I admire their strength and how fortunate that they have each other to lean on.

We never know what life will throw us. How will we handle it? My mentor in Mary Kay, who recently lost her husband, shared..."It's not what life gives us, it's how we handle it"!

Birthdays and Anniversaries are special. Enjoy each one. Embrace life and live your dreams. On the wall of my office are three plaques which read:


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  1. I will say a prayer for his family. I can't imagine how sad they must feel and how much they miss him. My brother in law just started treatment for stage 4 brain cancer. He and my sister Kandi are so strong in their faith. They are believing God for complete healing and I am standing with them in that prayer. On a lighter note. I can't believe you have been in Mary Kay for 27 years. Angie is 28, she was a baby when I became a consultant. To this day I believe every woman should become a consultant. What I learned was invaluable. I am still friends with many people who are still a success in the company like yourself. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thanks for sharing. Debbie