Sunday, September 12, 2010

A 9/12 Attitude

Have you ever heard the phrase:  "I'm a 9/12er"?   About a year ago Glenn Beck started the 9/12 Project.  It's basis was recapturing the feeling you had on September 12, 2001...the day after the terroists attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and  Shanksville, PA  We were amazed, frightened, extremely patriotic, and most of all generous with help and love to our fellow man.  Families were drawn back together, neighbors were friendlier, churches were full again.    Do you remember? 

Well, today being 9/12/10, I decided to spend most of the day researching and studying all that I could about the craziness we have been seeing on the TV news reports, namely, the never-ending Ground Zero Mosque controversy.   What have we become in 9 years from that all-encompasing day of September 12, 200l?  Why are race relations seemingly at their worst?  Why is political correctness the order of our day...causing us to be labeled as  "fobic" behind the name of any group we go up against. 

I am not violent, not racist, just not silent anymore.  I fear for our country.  I fear for my grandchildren and what kind of country they may have to live in.  In researching the building of the so-called Cordova Community Center I came up with something interesting.  It's named after Cardova, Spain where a huge mosque was errected where once a battle raged and the Muslims were victorious.  Don't you think that naming the "ground zero" mosque...Cordova is a little suspect as to what might be the purpose of that mosque? 

I also found several authors and commentators who I had seen on different TV appearances and read more about them today, i.e., Brigette Gabriel, and Pam Geller.  They are both outspoken passionate women fighting for our American ideals  to be preserved.  Have you heard the term:  Islaminization of America?  Yes, that's what I said....could we ever have thought such a thing 9 years ago?   I'm sure you have heard the term "Sharia" law.  Actually, I learned today that one should say simply Sharia because the name means law.  Islamic Law.  The Iman Rauf, leader of the "ground zero" mosque has said in interviews that America should be Sharia complient! 

I won't bore (or should I say scare you) with what Sharia is, however, I will ask you to google it.  Read all you can about it.  I really don't think you'd want that to be imposed here in America.  Oh, I bet you are thinking right now....that could NEVER happen in our country.  Well, I also found out that Sharia is in 5 areas in Great Britian.  Yes, in the Muslim communities which are growing in England....they have imposed Sharia.  Look up Pam Geller....she has researched this and speaks of it in her book.

We have a President who says, just yesterday, we are not at war with Islam.  However, Islamic Law...Sharia, demands its followers to destroy infidells (that's me and you if you are a Christian, a Jew or any other religion other than Muslim).  An American Muslim-convert was on the streets of New York yesterday in the counter protest shouting out that very news report did show him!

Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanon-born American writes and speaks passionately about growing up as a Christian in Lebanon.  She and her family experienced the terror of Sharia from Muslims who came to her country as refugees and the government there insisted that they be accepted,therefore,infiltrated the Christian sectors of Lebanon.  Terroists destroyed her home and the world she knew....she escaped to the United States and lives to tell about it today. 

I know that God is in control.     I pray every day for His hand on our country, our leaders, and His guidance to them as to how they should govern.  We don't want to think this could ever happen in America, but if we don't watch and be aware and speak could. 

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