Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm so glad that we've got our tax papers compiled, given to CPA, completed and in the mail before today!
I had to get it done early this year since we were leaving in early March for a month-long trip in our RV!
It was to be our second trip since December, 2010 and we were excited.

I wish that I would have updated this blog as we were in Florida, however, didn't have access to my computer....was borrowing my daughter's (who was in an RV besides us) just enough to do my Mary Kay business and keep up with bills, etc.

We are back home....getting caught up on work, organizing, and getting back into a "home" routine.  I'm getting the  nudge to write, so I'll be compiling an overview of what we experienced in our first extended trip.
It was not without....let's say....lessons we all have to learn!

Till then....

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  1. Well, now. After two months without posting anything, I'm all "a-twitter" over what lessons you have learned so that Jo and I don't repeat the bad ones.

    Glad you are back online. I've been wondering about you.